It’s a new chapter – You’re Engaged! What’s Next?

You’re engaged! Congratulations! You’re just about to start a new chapter of your life, and it’s the beginning of an exciting journey!

You’ve made a commitment to each other, and you’ve been celebrating. You’ve been showing off your shiny new engagement ring and you’ve spent hours admiring your hand.

What’s next? You’re engaged to be married … and the married part is the next stage to ponder.

Some questions and things you might want to consider:

What’s the correct length of time for an engagement?

In truth – there’s no correct length of time. It’s an individual decision. We’ve known couples who get married after a few months, a year, two years or some people can be engaged for 15 years or more and then decide to marry. It’s entirely up to you.

Timescale could be important though … as it’s a starting point. If you’re giving yourself a short time scale – start moving quickly on your organisation, as many couples plan well in advance and some venues are booked two or three years ahead.

Home or Away?

Where to have your wedding? Some couples opt for sunnier climes and barefoot on the beach, while others might prefer a Scottish castle in winter. Nowadays there are many options and with people making up their own bespoke day, almost anything is possible. Let your imagination run wild!

If you’re choosing to travel abroad – you’ll want to consider the people you really want to be with you – are they able to travel? Spontaneity works for some couples – you might get married in Las Vegas with an Elvis impersonator as a witness – but hopefully not like Ross and Rachel from Friends …

The Ceremony …

Consider where you wish to pledge your vows. Traditionally this would have been in a church, or registry office, but nowadays ceremonies can take place at whatever venue you choose. It keeps your whole day in one place and can make things easier for people travelling. You can also help to create the look you want to achieve around your vow ceremony.

Small & Intimate or Large & Grand?

This is a difficult one because small and intimate can suddenly grow into something much larger than you initially envisaged. But have a starting point in your head and work from that. Give yourself a rough idea of numbers because this will help you decide what size and type of venue will work best for you.

Remember to enjoy your Engagement …

It can be daunting when you start wedding planning, but there’s lots of inspiration around, from blogs to magazines, Instagram and Pinterest. We’ll be sharing some of our favourites here … so keep tuned to our blog.

Remember it’s your day, follow your heart, and create the wedding day of your dreams, and enjoy your engagement!