Six reasons for renewing your Wedding Vows

From Beyonce and Jay-Z, Victoria and David Beckham to Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster – renewing your wedding vows is becoming more popular.

And it’s not just for the celebrities, there are so many options available which makes saying “I Do” all over again a perfect reason to celebrate.

Reasons to Renew Your Vows:

You’ve reached a milestone anniversary, whether it’s 5, 10, 20, 25 years or more. The number is irrelevant – if it’s important to you, it’s important. Maybe you’ve come through difficult circumstances, you’re grateful and you’re looking forward to the future.

The First Time Went by in a Flash:
Let’s face it, despite your best efforts, your wedding day often goes by in a flash. It might seem a distant memory and you wish you had taken more time to enjoy it. Maybe you were too nervous, and you weren’t able to enjoy your day too much. This time around you can relax in a more informal atmosphere.

Okay, we know you shouldn’t have any regrets from your wedding day – but some people look back and wish they had done things differently. Maybe your wedding dress and hairstyle was of the era and hasn’t stood the test of time. Perhaps circumstances meant you weren’t able to have the party and guest list you wanted. This is a chance to redo it all again, create the event and look you want, get a shiny new set of photos, and best of all create more magical memories.

Extra people in your Life:
Sometimes your wedding photos and videos feature people you have never seen again! Perhaps you weren’t able to invite some of the people you really wanted to, or now you have new people in your life – children, friends, even some pets. A wedding vow renewal gives you the chance to have a celebration in front of people who mean a lot to you. And when it comes to children, it can be great fun to get them involved in your celebrations, if they weren’t there the first time around.

For Love:
The most important reason of all!  Life throws challenges which impact on the ones we love and people closest to us. It’s good to pause and reflect. Remember why you fell in love. Every marriage is unique. This time around you can write the words and really say what you mean to each other. You also don’t need an official celebrant to conduct the ceremony, which means someone close to you can do this if you wish.

For the Party!
There’s no denying it, a wedding vow celebration is a great excuse to party! It’s much more informal than a traditional wedding day. Your vow renewal guests will be people who mean a lot to you. They’ll appreciate the relaxed vibe and will be delighted to share your celebration and create magical memories.