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~ Our Charity Work

We’ve got some fantastic charity initiatives and it’s time we highlighted the great work that everyone at Manorview and beyond is involved in.

At Manorview we like to give back. We’ve been doing charitable acts secretly behind the scenes for quite a while, and it’s about time we told you what we have been up to. In 2017, we’re also celebrating our 10th birthday and we thought it was an ideal time to mark this milestone by putting a special focus on our charity initiative.

We work with some great charities, and we want to highlight the great work they do. We’ve also got a great team at Manorview, who not only keep the Manorview cogs turning every day, but they also go the extra mile to fundraise and volunteer their time.

We have people doing all sorts of crazy things from abseiling, cycling, walking, running, swimming, playing football, golf (we’re an active bunch!), to donating money from their hard-earned tips, to coming up with creative ideas for raising money.

We’re going to have lots of charity news to tell you and you’ll be able to read all about the charities we support. We’ll be profiling these organisations and their works and you’ll follow the adventures of the Manorview team along the way. It promises to be an entertaining journey.

We will bring you news from all our hotels, you’ll meet their teams, see what they are getting up to and hear all about the charities and people they support along the way, and we’d love you to join us on this journey.

“Reaching a 10 year milestone is a time for reflection. Like most businesses we started off small – with one hotel (The Commercial in Wishaw) and a few hopes and dreams. Now here we are 10 years later with nine hotels, and still growing. I’m very grateful to the people around me, and to those who have been with me from the very beginning, and who are still there. I’m grateful that we can provide employment to over 500 people, and to be able to offer valuable opportunities and experience.”

Steve GrahamCEO

“It’s also time to give something back and to put even more focus on our charitable ethos. With a great supportive team around us, there’s so much we can do and achieve collectively. The charities we work with are inspirational, and I’m excited to see where this part of our journey leads to. I believe at Manorview we can all work together, help to make a difference and contribute to our communities and wider networks.”

Steve GrahamCEO

Charities we support

Our Manorview Charity Foundation supports a lot of great charities.
We’re fortunate to be a position where we can give something back and we work with a lot of great people. The charities we support are carefully chosen by each of our venues and their dedicated charity teams.

We thought we would introduce the hard-working charities we support and tell you a little bit about them.