A big thank you to our Team!

We have many hard-working teams located in venues all throughout Scotland. And to reward them for all their efforts – they got a night off, and an invite to a special event, at a top-secret location.

This meant closing our doors for business … for one night only, to allow our entire 500 strong team to let their hair down and party.

Buses arrived at various collection points to pick up our teams. The destination was kept a closely guarded secret, which was no mean feat. Despite many attempts to guess, no-one had a clue where they were going. The magical mystery tour eventually led to a disused warehouse in Maryhill, Glasgow. Which from the outside, in a dark January night – didn’t give too much away.

However, The Engine Works is a huge empty warehouse and perfect for creating a special event. Exclusive VIP lanyards were handed out, and as the team walked the red carpet and stepped inside, they were amazed to see a massive space transformed and ready for a whole evening of food, drink and dancing.

Every year we reward our teams but have held parties over two nights, to allow our venues to keep trading. This year we wanted to go all out and bring ALL our people together, which meant closing our doors for one night. We didn’t want anyone to miss out!

Our Manorview manifesto states that although we have teams working in venues scattered throughout Scotland, as well as our Head Office and Developments division – ultimately, we are ONE TEAM. Everyone makes a valuable contribution.

The diverse range of people who keep our business running includes everyone from chefs, to night porters, management, receptionists, housekeepers, spa therapists, head office teams and much more.