Innishmohr Donates over £2,000 to Mental Health Charity

After a year of fund-raising, the Innishmohr pub in Coatbridge has donated over £2,000 to the Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health.

The funds were gathered through various challenges, which included a bungee jump in Perthshire to crazy hair days and football cards. Meanwhile, generous customers were happy to show support for the local mental health charity by donating money to charity buckets which were available at the bar or on the door at the adjoining nightclub 30s & Sugar.

Hugh Cairns from Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health visited the venue to collect the cheque, which totalled £2,416.00. Innishmohr will continue to support the Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health during 2019.

Plans for the year include flipflops and climbing hills – although not at the same time! The nightclub 30s & Sugar often sees customers suffering from sore feet after dancing the night away in high heels. Dancing queens will now be able to buy emergency flipflops for a small donation to charity.

The team will pull on sturdier footwear to climb Ben Nevis, meanwhile, The Function Room at Coatbridge continues to run their monthly “Funky Town Thursday” discos. These discos are a safe, welcoming space for people with disabilities. Every month they have lots of fun and help the charity – as the admission fee of £3 per person is donated to LAMH.

Dee Smith, General Manager, Innishmohr, 30s & Sugar, said, “The Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health is a charity who provide much-needed support to the local community. We have had team members and their families who have been affected by mental health issues, and it’s something that affects us all. We’re delighted to raise awareness and show support for LAMH and for the work they do.”
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