Partnership working sets young people on career path in hospitality

We’ve been working with hospitality industry organisation Hi!, and their charity partner, Action for Children.

And through their programme, ten young people have been given their first step onto a career path.

The programme gives young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds the experience of realistic working environments, while also learning new skills, gaining qualifications and improving their confidence.

Ten young people aged between 16-25 took part in the six-week training programme which saw The Manorview Group give the students hands-on work experience at The Busby Hotel, Glasgow.

The students spent time in the kitchen where they prepared and prepped food, set tables, served customers, made coffees, helped behind the bar, learned about good customer service, and performed many other tasks. They gained valuable skills and got a chance to see the diversity of roles the industry offers.

The programme also includes many other key partners, such as City of Glasgow College, where the students learned artisan baking, the Matthew Algie Coffee Academy, where their latte-making skills were honed, as well as gaining industry-recognised qualifications in Food Hygiene and Customer Service. There were sessions in cocktail making with Class Cocktails, Housekeeping with Dakota Hotel, and insight into Glasgow’s tourism & events scene with tours of Tennent’s Brewery, The SEC & Hydro and the iconic Grand Central Hotel.

The training programme culminated with an emotional graduation lunch at The Busby Hotel, attended by friends and family of the trainees and fundraisers. Certificates were also awarded to all graduates.

Having had a taste of the hospitality industry, some of the graduates are now applying for college, while some are applying for jobs with the programme partners.

Four of the graduates are joining The Manorview Group. Sarah Carracher and Ryan McNealy have earned jobs at The Busby Hotel, while Shannon Stewart and Daniel Given will become part of The Lynnhurst Hotel in Johnstone, and The Torrance Hotel in East Kilbride.

Securing a job as a trainee chef is a special achievement for 20-year-old Sarah Carracher from Glasgow. Sarah’s dad, also a chef, passed away four years ago. He wished for his daughter to follow him into the trade. And Sarah has definitely inherited her dad’s skills and passion because she impressed Gary Quinn, Head Chef at The Busby Hotel.

Gary said: “Sarah’s got talent, which I saw straight away, and she’s also determined to succeed. I’m really proud of her achievements so far. I’m delighted we’re able to offer Sarah, and the other three graduates these opportunities. I’m looking forward to seeing their careers grow.”

Sarah said: “My dad was a chef and before he passed away, I told him I’d be a chef too, and now my dream has come true.”

It’s the start of an exciting chapter for all of the graduates, and one member of The Busby Hotel knows what that opportunity means.

Suliman Rehman, age 18, from Glasgow, came through the programme two years ago and earned a job with the hotel. He’s now a valued team member, with a wealth experience and skills. He often calls the Busby team his other ‘family’, and in two years his confidence has soared.

Stephanie Wade, CEO of Hi! said: “It’s crucial for hospitality employees to adopt fair and inclusive practices when recruiting and supporting young, unemployed workers. These students have all previously struggled to attract the attention of local employers because of their barriers to work, lack of confidence and experience. Yet, with new skills and confidence, they’re eager to begin working their way up the career ladder. After the successful partnership with The Manorview Group, we are keen to ensure the programme becomes a regular opportunity across Scotland, continuing to support more individuals into starting their career in the hospitality industry”.

Steve Graham, Business Leader of Manorview Group said: “It’s important we continue to promote hospitality as a long-term career choice. Through this programme, we’ve been introduced to a group of enthusiastic young people who have a lot to offer. We’re also fortunate to have years of experience, great venues and expert teams of people, all of which enables us to provide nurturing environments for young people looking to get on a career path. What’s most pleasing to see is how we can make a difference by working in partnership, and how much confidence the students gain from this programme.”

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