Manorview Hotels & Leisure Group sign up to Hospitality Action Employee Assistance Programme

As a Group, we’re always striving to improve the support and working environment of our teams, and as Mental Health Awareness Week gets underway (13-19th May 2019), we’re especially focused on our team’s wellbeing.

And to show our commitment to supporting and encouraging mentally healthy working environments, we’ve invested in the Hospitality Action Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Hospitality Action has over 180 years of experience and is uniquely placed to understand the challenges faced by people in the industry. They potentially look after five million people who are currently working or retired from the hospitality industry.

Their Employee Assistance Programme has been developed by hospitality people for hospitality people, and it’s a free, confidential and independent service which is available at any time.

They have a team of experts on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via a dedicated helpline telephone number and website portal.

These experts will be a source of advice offering counselling, legal advice, debt counselling, mindfulness courses, parenting advice, substance misuse support and grant assistance.

The Employee Assistance Programme also provides valuable tools and support for managers who are dealing with difficult situations, as well as resources to help them support individual team members who may be dealing with challenging personal circumstances.

Steve Graham, Business Leader, Manorview Hotels & Leisure Group, said: “Hospitality is a hard-working industry and our teams are very diverse. We know life can throw challenges, and we’ve witnessed many difficult situations some of our people have encountered. People spend a lot of time in their workplace and with their work colleagues. We want our team to feel supported at work. We’ve invested in this renowned hospitality employee assistance programme to ensure our people are offered help and are equipped to meet whatever challenges they might face.”

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